Laminated Tops




Step 1 / Required – Prep and Prime
Clean surface thoroughly. Using a roller, brush or appropriate spray equipment, prime with a top quality latex primer/sealer.

Step 2 / Required – Apply Multispec
Using suitable HVLP spray equipment, spray apply Multispec in one step, cross hatching surface to achieve full-coat coverage and a smooth, even application. See detailed Multispec Spray Equipment Guidelines.

Step 3 / Optional – Apply Clear Topcoat
Apply 2 to 3 coats of high performance, clear protective topcoat such as Multispec MCT. First coat will seal Multispec to facilitate subsequent cleaning. Second and third coats will enhance durability and/or impart more gloss. MCT is available in a low sheen finish, well-suited for interior walls.


  • For best results when applying Multispec over new unpainted drywall, first apply Universal Primer. New drywall is often manufactured from recycled materials containing ink, which can bleed out and stain or discolor Multispec.
  • Allow individual coats to dry thoroughly before recoating.
  • Follow manufacturer’s detailed label instructions and application guidelines for coatings, equipment and tools.
  • For a textured finish; roller apply Multispec. Refer to roller application guidelines.